Major League Baseball success isn’t necessarily for sale!

2 Oct

In 2011 it was again confirmed that having an un-limited bank account and spending un-deserved millions to lure talented players away from financially poorer teams does not guarantee a team participation in the world series.  The immense satisfaction the Tampa Bay Rays experienced by winning the wild card playoff spot was made even better by them beating out the Boston Red Sox who, before the 2011 season started,  had signed the Rays’ former star outfielder, Carl Crawford, to a huge contract.   The Red Sox in their attempt to ensure themselves post-season participation by out-spending every other team excepting the Yankees and possibly the Phillies, had also signed Adrian Gonzalez who the San Diego Padres had been unable to keep due to being one of the less fortunate teams financially.    It seems that ever since the Yankees lured Babe Ruth away from the Red Sox, Boston has been trying to spend their way to being a World Series participant by financially luring away players from all the less-fortunate financial-wise teams.

A year ago, in 2010, all three of the high-spending teams, the Red Sox, the Yankees, and the Phillies, were shut out from playing in the World Series with the two participants being the Texas Rangers and the San Francisco Giants.   The Rangers and the Giants both had team payrolls far below the aforementioned top spenders, and them winning the right to play in the World Series has to be particularly frustrating to the three big spenders, especially when they contemplated all the money they spent, which turned out, for nothing, at least for the presemt.


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2 Oct

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